Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cablevision and ABC to meet at SUNDOWN

Hello everybody. Expect at least one more blog post before the next episode of Lost. That post will either be filled with "hooray, the billionaires have a deal" or "Those #$&($#%&#$*%#$&*^(^#$ Billionaires" Sorry, but youngins do listen to the show. If you are not aware I'll briefly explain(I rant about it on the know the thing this blog is based off of...yeah).

ABC's parent company DISNEY is fighting with Cablevision. I don't know if Cablevision is well known outside of my area, but they are kings around here. I don't want to write anything wrong here since they would SUE me lol. But yeah, they are very powerful. So, it's not like the big evil mouse is trying to take money from the mom and pop cable company. What is happening is that Disney(through ABC) wants $40 million more for its contract with Cablevision. If they do not get a deal by March 7(BEFORE THE NEXT EPISODE OF LOST!!) they will cut all ABC programming.

Honestly, I could not care less if any other network was in this mess. I can wait to see The Office or Fringe. BUT NOT LOST!! I have a plan set up in case this does not work out well, and a secondary plan that makes me sad, but would at least makes you guys our amazing listeners happy(hopefully not tooo happy hehe). But yeah, more on this as it develops.

OH also, If you haven't already checked Amanda's post and you're not afraid of a mysterious spoiler about the finale(even I looked so y'all should be ok) you definitely should. Hopefully we'll get a good discussion going on there. It's right below this post. So, GO WATCH IT...or read it.


This episode left me with such a rush of excitement and hope for the future. This season is delivering more so than I thought was possible. Some people I know put this episode as their favorite of the season!! Well, while I don't go that far, it most certainly is not even close to a disappointment in my eyes. Every episode cannot be exposition about Jacob or the history of the Island. Every episode cannot simply be a character driven emotional story. This episode was one of those that prepares us for the journey ahead. Personally, I love all three, mythology is my favorite of course, but those would get boring one after the other. And it would be to much to process. I wouldn't exactly call this one a breather and definitely not "filler", but it's not deeply mythology based, and we didn't exactly learn a lot about Sayid. But did we need to? I mean I liked the Flashsideways fine. It had a coherent storyline that maybe needs some more explaining(Jin's appearance, and what caused Sayid to be different), but i'm 100% sure we will get the answer to what has caused these changes in due time. The on island storyline on the other hand...oh man! I LOVED IT. I got chills so many times. I don't have a ton of theories about it, so I'm just going to mention a few things that I loved more than anything, and see if they turn into theories. If you guys have any please please post them!! It'll make me happy while I'm crying on Tuesday as I stare at static on ABC.

1)My KATE theory is still gold. I am sticking to this!! Kate is important to Jacob somehow, and her importance was kept from MIB. Did you see how he looked at her? Almost like, "wait, you survived?" I'm not going to go into the other 3 names on the wheel who were not crossed off, mainly cause we have no idea who they are. Thus, theories would be insane, and methinks they may be a red herring. Although my mouth did hit the floor when I was informed of their existence. Destruction of my Kate theory is welcome, but it must be based on more of an argument than "Kate sucks" lol.

2)Smokey and Sayid. Oh man!! First, Sayid lets MIB talk to him(a no-no according to Dogen), then he stabs him. "Now, why would you want to go and do that?" One of my favorite Locke lines since "enjoy your breakfast". Then his little convo with Sayid. The Joshmeister pointed out that it was very very close to the way the Devil tried to tempt Jesus. This is not something I'm an expert in, but I'm with Josh on this one, and it's pretty friggin cool. Dogen did call MIB "Evil Incarnate" after all. He promises to give Sayid whatever he wants in the World, and when Sayid says all he ever wanted was Nadia...well MIB can get that for him too. That idea has so many people theorizing that the flashsideways are going to become important here. That Sayid will be transported to the other universe and live out his days happy and with Nadia(after stealing her from his gutless brother). I'm not the biggest supporter of this theory, but it certainly could happen and is the first legit theory that ties the two timelines together.(you guys like that alliteration?)

3)Sayid...Evil? Dogen said that Sayid's scale was off and now was unbalanced towards the bad side. I wish he had said "Dark Side" hehe. So, this would make us think the sickness has made Sayid evil. But wait, Sayid himself said he didn't think he was going to the good place after he died. Perhaps the sickness doesn't make you evil, nor does it make you Smokey's pet. Maybe it simply brings out your true form. Claire isn't evil. She's just a mom who lost her kid. Any mom who thinks someone took their child would flip out and after three years I would bet they would start killing folks with axes. Maybe Claire is good, based in pure love for her child, and Smokey is simply taking advantage of that. Rousseau could be seen in the same light. She wasn't evil at all, the opposite actually. She saved Claire from the Others, and even when she took Aaron she did it with the hope of seeing Alex again. Remember, she thought the Others were coming for him anyway. When Sayid finds her, did she fight and yell? No, she gives him right back to them and weeps about the loss of Alex. Ever since Lost started we've seen people whom are neither good nor evil, they are in the middle, like real humans are. Perhaps this sickness disrupts that scale that Dogen was talking about and gets rid of the weaker side.

So is Sayid evil? Perhaps he

4)The Others in the Temple are really really really STUPID. Let me quickly list off the things they allowed to occur in this episode alone.
- They let Claire just walk in. They know her to be a bit nutty and that Jacob is dead. So yeah, let's let in the infected crazy lady and hope she's not working with the guy we are trying to keep out of here.
- They let Kate in without any discussion of where she was, who she spoke to, what happened to the two Others that she was with, what happened to Jin, if she saw Jack and Hurley, if she saw anything strange, and so on. These people were asked by their leader Jacob, to make sure these people are safe. Good job folks, good job.
- They let Sayid back in without any questions or worries with the full knowledge that he just spoke to their mortal enemy whom they think is EVIL INCARNATE. Let me ask you, if someone you know had just spoken to your worst enemy, an enemy of near infinite power would you let them back into the fort without even a question? What kind of frakking special safe Temple is this? Anyone can just stroll in at anytime?
-NOT ONLY do they let Sayid in, they let him in the the main area and sit next to the one person that can keep MIB out. So, lets make sure we understand this. The guy who just spent 20 min with EVIL INCARNATE is now going to sit and have a conversation with the ONE PERSON protecting you from EVIL INCARNATE! If the Temple were a night club, and the Others were bouncers, they would let a guy in who says to them "I have brought many guns with me and I really want to kill lots of people".
-Finally, OK. Ilana who has been on the Island for what? A few days, knows about this secret passage. Hurley knows about the passage. But none of the Others know there is a little door they can run out of and Smokey will be like "where did they go?" MORONS!!

Ok, enough of that rant. Oh, caption for the above picture..."Oh welcome back Sayid. How is Evil Incarnate? Hope he's well. Would you like to go sit with me next to the place we drowned you earlier?"

5)Final comment, BEST FIGHT EVER! Oh man, that fight between Sayid and Dogen was amazing. I was a little pissed that Sayid lost, but he was dead like the day before, and he won in the end so it's all good.

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the JoshMeister said...

Good luck with Cablevision, Josh.

Great commentary on the episode. I hadn't heard the theory about the Man in Black bringing the two timelines together. It doesn't seem very realistic, but then again, how realistic was Desmond's consciousness traveling through time back in Season 4? Or Jack, Kate, Sawyer, etc. jumping back to 2007 unscathed instead of dying in the hydrogen bomb explosion in 1977?

I don't think there's any question at this point that Sayid is evil. He's murdering people in cold blood in the hopes that he can get Nadia back from the dead. Because Nadia's totally going to want to be with an evil, murdering psychopath.