Monday, March 15, 2010

NO SHOW...Maybe

Hey guys, I hate that I'm forced to put you guys through this again, but there is a possibility of no show again this week.

This time it's mother nature's fault. For those outside of the NJ/NY/CT area, i'll fill you all in. On Saturday we were hit with a massive Nor'easter. Bascially it's a tropical storm force event that occurs in the spring and fall around here. This one was one the biggest I've ever seen. It rained from Friday morning to...well it's still raining here on Monday afternoon. And on Saturday, in my town we had sustained winds of 35-40 mph and gusts up to 60 mph. For those of you in hurricane land, that may seem like nothing, but it's very strong for us.

So how does this affect the show? Well, I'm left with out power in my house. It might be back by Tuesday night, but we just are not sure. There are so many downed trees and power lines it might be a while. So since I may be unable to watch Lost, and since Talkshoe forbids anyone else to start the show, we will not be able to record our initial reactions.

However, I invite all of you guys to show up in the off chance that all will be good, and the show is ago. Even if we don't do the show, the chat will be opened automatically at 10:05, so I welcome all of you to go and discuss the episode. Failing that, definitely pop over to Big-O's show. I don't know the talkcast ID, but just type in Cranky Fanatic and you'll find it.

Here's hoping everything works out, and if anyone spoils Lost for me, I'll be angry lol.

This is Josh, reporting live from the State of Emergency(formerly known as New Jersey)

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Anonymous said...

:( Hope there is a show.