Saturday, March 20, 2010


Ok all, this is it!

I haven't exactly decided on the deadline for this to be answered. Most likely it will be Tuesday, but if we don't get many responses I may extend it. But think of Tuesday, 10:00 PM as the deadline.

Remember, the winners will get a promo code to use for Big-O's Lost Answers iPhone App. I love this app, and I know any Lost fan will. And since it's made by Big-O, you know it's like the coolest thing ever.

Ok then. Here is your question!
Sawyer is famous for giving our characters nicknames. Your question is, which nicknames were "Star Trek" references, and to whom did he give them?

There are a few ways to enter:

1)Message me on Facebook. Put "Lost Trivia Contest" as the heading
2)Private Message me on Twitter, I'm JoSpiv there, or Josh Spivack.
3)Send an e-mail with the answer to again remember to put "Lost Trivia Contest" in the heading.

Two winners will be selected, and then another question will be asked on the in the talkshoe chatroom directly following the episode this Tuesday. One person will win that prize.


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