Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars save the day!!!

HOORAY, I have ABC! It did go off for about 20 hours, but it came back for the Oscars! I don't know who gave in, but whoever did, thank you!!

Now, I watched some of the Oscars and it was a big night for LOST.

Michael Giacchino won for UP. Even though I love his Star Trek score far better, GOOD JOB!! Lost is now scored by an Academy Award winner!!

Fisher Stevens(Minkowski from the Freighter) was among those that won Best Documentary for The Cove.

JJ Abrams' GEM Star Trek won for Best Make-up. Star Trek even being mentioned at the Oscars is an improvement! Somewhere I hope Gene Roddenberry is smiling.

Evangaline Lilly's performance in The Hurt Locker clearly catapulted it past Avatar to win multiple awards.(Even though Ana Lulu was in Avatar)

So, this means there will definitely be an amazing episode of The Lost Flashbacks immediately following Episode 6x07, Dr. Linus! Be there or be square! Ways to join are located on the panel on the right!

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Dan said...

That's awesome, Josh! I live in Michigan, and even our local news was talking about the fact that you guys weren't going to be able to watch the Oscars.