Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dr. Linus, paging Dr. Linus.

I'm so happy I was able to watch this episode with everyone else and join in on the discussion! So much juicy goodness. And mainly focusing on one of my favorite characters on the show! Not only is Ben Linus a favorite among fans, but he's played by the AMAZING Michael Emerson. Why he doesn't have like 3 Emmy Awards is beyond me. But, on to the EPISODE.

So, I've got a couple theories based off of this episode. Like most of my theories I'm assuming right off the bat that they are wrong, but I'm sticking to them!! I'll get into them right away since last week I think I annoyed people with my rant about the tv issue. So here we go. I've given them titles now, so I don't refer to them like "My Kate Theory" or "My Smokey/Vincent/Locke/Christian theory". Those makes sense to me, but my mind is a maze of Simpsons, Seinfeld, Baseball and Star Trek, so there's little room for much else.

Josh's theory: Jacob's Touch and Everlasting Life!

Ok, so we know Richard has been around a long long time, and according to him it was a gift or even a curse. The way he described it, I immediately thought of the situation with Michael. He tried to kill himself over and over, but couldn't. The Island needed something from him. Now, we never saw Jacob touch him, but it's possible MIB touched him and has the same power, but who knows. Whatever caused it, we know the results. We also now know that Jack is the same way. According to him, since Jacob touched him, he cannot die either. HOWEVER, Richard seems to think he can die, but only if someone else kills him. I'm not sure if this is a new development, or if he's been around for over 200 years and no one has killed him. I suppose it's not crazy to think he could have been killed this whole time. I mean whenever a gun was on him he would put his arms up and ask them to put it down. If he could not be killed, why would he care?

So, I'm going with the theory that Richard, and Jack cannot die by their own hand, but they can be killed. So, here's the theory part! I think EVERYONE who is a Candidate goes by this rule. Richard may or may not have been a Candidate, but I think he was given this power anyway so that he could act as a go between for Jacob. Almost like a slave really. Forced to serve Jacob forever. So yeah, none of the Candidates can die by their own hand. I also think this includes actions they take that could or would lead to their death. Like what you ask? Like getting on a plane that tears apart mid-air in a fashion that would have killed all on board. I think everyone that survived was a Candidate. But so many people died after that! I know I know, but hear me out. Once their names are crossed out, they no longer are protected and can die like anyone else.

This explains a lot of stuff. One of the biggest questions of season one was, how did all these people survive that crash, most of them without any real injuries? The answer is they couldn't die! Then one by one Jacob and/or Smokey studied them(through Vincent perhaps!!) and started crossing off names. Crossing off, Boone, Shannon, Random Red Shirt, and on and on. Maybe this is how Charlie survived all those death encounters early on. Once his name was crossed off he could then die. Perhaps Desmond's flash gave him some kind of Island insight that told him Charlie now could die.

The only situation that makes this not work is Locke. Locke did die I think briefly when he fell from the building, but Jacob saved him. He also should have died when Ben shot him, then he tried to hang himself. He was interrupted by Ben and couldn't finish, so all good so far. But then Ben DOES kill him. I have two theories about this, either one works for me. First, if you turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel the gift Jacob gives you is gone. Off Island Locke again lost use of his legs, and then was killed by Ben. The other is simply what Richard says, he can be killed by someone else. I like the first one better cause it's more deep. But both work fine.

So there you go, I love that theory. Explains so much for the entire series!

Josh's Theory: MIB Can't Leave Without a Replacement

Ok, this one will be shorter, and sweeter. Well, maybe not sweeter, but definitely shorter. So, MIB tells Ben that himself and his followers are soon going to be leaving and Ben is welcome to join them on the Hydra Island. He also tells him that when they leave, Ben will get to be in charge on the Island. Maybe I'm slow, but I never realized what Ben craved more than anything was power. So, this is quite tempting to Ben I'm sure. Ben however doesn't take the offer and stays with Ilana and the Light Side. This got me thinking though. Why did MIB do this? Does he really need more people? Would having Ben on his side really change anything? Then it came to me. He needs someone to take over the Island. MIB is still trapped! Much like Kelvin, he needs a sucker to stay and press the button after he leaves. However, this time it's not a button, it's being whatever the frak he and Jacob are on the Island.

Now, we know Jacob had Candidates, and there are now SIX left according to Ilana. Linus was crossed out of the cave wall so he's no longer valid. Perhaps, MIB has Candidates too. I don't think Sawyer, Sayid or Claire are right. They hate the Island and want to leave, he's using them to help him defeat Jacob's forces, and leave the Island. But BEN, he loves the Island. He was once leader of the Others. Therefore, maybe MIB thinks Ben doesn't want to leave, just like when he said Locke didn't want to leave. So that's my theory. MIB needs someone to take over. If Ben will not do it, then I think MIB will be quite angry. Perhaps he'll use his ability to deceive and coerce his followers to force Ben to join them and stay. Whatever happens, I can tell you that I don't think MIB can simply leave the Island now that he has Locke's body. I'll finish with this. If Ben won't stay, and be the new Evil-Jacob, maybe this man will...

On-Going Josh theories will now go by the names
-Kate is Actually Important After All
-Vincent is SMOKEY
-The Cave was a Fake-Out
-Sickness doesn't make you Evil, it show who you really are.

That last one is kinda long, any suggestions for a shorter one?

Any people who agree or disagree with these are welcome to post.

Namaste, and Byyyyyeeeeee

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Check out Michael Emerson's reaction when the host says that Lost's final season will start that week. Hilarious!