Friday, March 19, 2010

Total Recon

Well, I hope you all enjoyed our show this week. I felt a little off my game, and found it very difficult to find things to discuss. Well, difficult to find things that showed that I liked the episode that is.

I don't really have any new theories this week, but I'm sticking to all the ones I've talked about last week. I'm trying to decide if Locke's interactions with Kate help, or hurt my theory concerning her. I keep going back and forth. On the one hand, Locke defends Kate from Claire's attack. He doesn't only tell Claire not to hurt Kate, but he slaps her, and yells at her. I love Claire's face in that scene, and I wonder how she will view Locke now that she knows he lied to her about Aaron, and also that he would seemingly choose Kate over her. This behavior suggests that he knows Kate is a Candidate, and important, thus he needs to gain her trust just as he did with Sayid and Sawyer. What I love about Kate in this episode is that she's not falling for it. Also, what could Locke give her? She's already taken care of her legal issues, and I'm sure Jack would have her again if they ever got off Island. The question then becomes, what does Kate want? I don't know the answer to that, other than reunite Claire and Aaron there really is nothing driving her. Perhaps, she'll mess up Sawyer's plan by saying she is not leaving without Claire. I won't get into the whole "Sawyer/Sub" issue again, cause it'll ruin this pretty positive post about the episode.

The evidence against Locke knowing Kate is a Candidate is shown in that he doesn't seem to care what she knows. It seems like she now knows more about him, his previous life, and his motivations than anyone else! Why her? Why tell her all that about his mother and his childhood. I don't think he was lying in that scene, and it didn't seem to affect Kate that much. Kate though, as I said on the show, is acting different. She no longer seems to care about anything. Which doesn't exactly make for an interesting character, but it could lead to some interesting choices from her. Hopefully, she will turn out to be important, cause if not, I don't see why Claire couldn't have killed her. We know in this season dead is not dead. Infected Kate would be quite interesting imo.

Like I said on the show, I loved the Flashsideways, it was a great story and Detective James Ford is definitely a guy I want to know more about. And therein lies the problem. We won't learn more about him. We won't see him find Cooper, we won't see him hook up with Charlotte again, we won't see what happens when he runs into Kate. To tell the truth, I'm not even sure I want to see those things. I have huge confidence in the writers, and have faith that we will learn why these flashes matter. However, until then I have a pit in my stomach that is filling with dread that the flashsideways will not become as important as we all theorize they are.

I guess that's about all I have to say on that episode.

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