Monday, January 21, 2008


I finally saw Cloverfield. I liked it a lot. Not the greatest film ever, and not the amazing ground-breaking film some have said it is. But I definelty liked it a lot.

It's funny, fun, scary(even I got a little scared), sad, etc. You do see the Monster, and sadly, it's not a cloud of black smoke, nor is it actually the Bad Robot(or at least I don't think it is). But it's also not simply a large form of some animal(i.e. a large lizard, or monkey). I didn't see many Lost references, there were some fun ones at the end of the movie(thier last names), but other than that, I really didn't see any. There was a point I thought they would have a lot of fun with it, but they didn't. If anyone knows of some really good ones, and you think it's a spoiler please send them me via my MySpace(link to it is on the blog).

Also, stay during the credits, there is an absolutly amazing score done by Michael Giacchino. There is no score during the film of course, but this one during the credits it's excellent. I plan to DL it(from iTunes) as soon as possible.

Non Lost Related stuff: The Star Trek teaser. If the movie is done as well as that Teaser, then this will be one of the best Sci-Fi movies ever made. Nuf Said. I still am extremly nervous about the Star Trek movie, and keep hearing things that make me more and more nervous. But i have faith in JJ and Damon. Season 3 of Lost taught me to NEVER lose faith in Damon Lindeloff and company.

in Conclusion, I definetly recommend this movie.


Faith said...

I loooooved this movie - even though it almost made me violently ill XD

jeff said...

Wow, that movie was quite an experience! The point of view really puts you smack into the middle of the action. I agree it's not the best move of all time, or anywhere even close to that - but suspending disbelief was not a problem for a few of those scenes. I felt anxious and a little freaked out.

About 2/3 through the movie, I started feeling the first signs of motion sickness. I closed my eyes and just listened for 5 minutes of so, and the feeling passed.