Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Finale

Here it is - the last episode of Lost Flashbacks, about the last episode of season 3. I think we do a really great show, but the end is especially worth listening to. Even i you're intimidated by the length of the show, skip ahead to the last hour and a half or so, because we both share some really interesting insights. Plus, we drop some of our best theories yet - completely by accident! Comments are ALWAYS welcome, especially if its something that we made a special inquiry towards (cough*Charlie'suicide*cough). Keep an eye on the blog to find out when we'll be recording our first theme show, and of course what the theme will be =) Expect a poll, because I doubt we'll be deciding that ourselves =) If you really need even more Lost Flashbacks (and who doesn't?), you can catch us tomorrow on Big-O's live reaction podcast, which we will hopefully get permission to post here. Until tomorrow (later today) when we will have a NEW EPISODE OF LOST, here's the finale podcast:

Episode 38 - Through the Looking Glass


redrabbitblue said...

I'm a podcast behind but you did forget one of my favorite quotes so to speack it was when Desmond got out of jail and told the whole story o f his book i found that very cool "Nice Idea As Long as You know When Your Going To Die" alass Desmond does not have that touch...But he may be able to tell you when your going to die!
Great greatest hits ya all been with you write along and was way stoked to here you hit 10,000 in a month i always wondered how many people listen to the podcasts i listen to..Now I know you..So why no bloging i had no idea about blogs till i heard you two so this was my first blog and no won came..I'd like to thank,arodamus (sorry for spelling im doing this from memory)Ben, Lauren,Peony,travis,congested,..i should not have started naming names i know i've forgotten alot just wanted to give a thank you from me for all the hours of fun i've gotten from reading and listening through out this LONG hiatis sorry about spelling i lost my dictionairy when the plane crashed ..Season 4 10 hr ish away SO COOL...Thank You big big Josh and Amanda and all blogers I'm sorry if i forgot you!!!! Ben,Lauren,Travis,congested,

redrabbitblue said...

ALRIGHT i did my research and I'm glad cause i forgot so big contributers(once again my spelling sucks)
here we go..And bye no means are these horoable mentions.
Thank you
Greg Dean (sorry dude you had one of my personal best replys)
Eve Pheonix(how the hell do you forget that name)
Same with this one
Geeky Tom catchie
and last but as they say surelly not least Jeff
Thanks again to ALLL..if i missed you well then i'm a jerk and please add your name will start are own hippie culture and let Locke in!

Nick Morgan said...

Hi my name is Nick, i live in the UK and have been a long time listener of the show, and although the return of Lost is exciting, it will be a shame to lose the recap shows you guys do that i have grown to enjoy so much, i hope then that you do continue doing the episode discussion of the new episodes as they happen, i am also looking forward to your theme shows and now i have different shifts at work will be able to join your chatroom for your shows, so thanks for the walkthrough and discussion on the shows as i just did not have time to catch up on the show (Currently halfway through season three, but am going to the end for this evening.) and looking forward to your next show.

travis said...

Show name idea: "Lost -- Flashes between your Ears"

Seriously, how about the The Flashcast?

Timothy said...

First off, about the music thing. If indeed the code started 5-4-5, the fourth note is too much lower to fit within positive numbers. For example if the song were in C, the numbers would correspond to the notes as follows:

1 - C
2 - C#
3 - D
4 - D#
5 - E

Anyway I won't do 'em all, but 5-4-5 makes sense. The problem is that after that, it goes down to a G in the next octave down, and the corresponding number for that would be -5. Or -4 if zero was one of the numbers. Anyway I went on for way too long about that :D

My theory about Penny is built on the foundation of my other theory (which is brittle as it is) that there are two timelines, one of which we've seen NONE of except for the flashback in "Flashes Before Your Eyes" and parts of... in the S2 finale. Des went back in time and re-lived not just that small portion of time (up to the point of getting hit by the cricket bat), but all of his life AFTER that over again, knowing what was going to happen. I think this is how he ended up in prison, 'cause I can't picture Desmond being the kind of guy that would commit a crime. But if he were say, in the military and knew something was going to happen and tried to prevent it, people might hold him responsible for whatever it was that happened, just on the basis that he knew it was going to. That happens a lot in movies, the police question somebody and say "How did you know this was going to happen? You must have had something to do with it." (12:01 the movie comes to mind) That's the only way Desmond could have ended up in prison 'cause I'm not buying that the guy's a criminal of any kind.

Prison was part of the second timeline, I doubt that originally happened. I'm just sayin' I think that these are two different possibilities here and that Penny's memories in each individual timeline are completely independent of one another. So whatever she remembers at the end of S2, she doesn't at the end of S3 and vice-versa.

Here's the other thing we see in the S2 finale that doesn't jive with everything else -- Charles Widmore gives Desmond money to stay away from Penny. Why would he need to do this when he's already got the solo race thing lined up as a way to get rid of Des? Unless Desmond's banishment to the island was not intentional. I don't know. As far as that goes, why would Desmond ask Libby for $40k if he had just gotten pimped out via Charles? Man, this whole thing is gettin' too big for my head right now, that's all I know.

Timothy said...
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Timothy said...

Oops, I flubbed that up. I'll just leave comments as I progress through the rest of the podcast that I missed lastnight! lol

As for why Charlie thought it necessary to drown. I have an idea, although it is easily debunkable (is that a word? apparently spellcheck doesn't think so) In "Catch-22", Charlie basically comes right out and says to Desmond, "You thought the only way you could get your girl back was if I took an arrow in the neck!" But when they get to the girl, they see that it's not Penny. Perhaps Charlie was thinking the same thing a lot of fans have speculated -- that the reason it wasn't Penny was BECAUSE he didn't die. So maybe he was using the same logic here, thinking if he didn't die, the picture would change, and Claire/Aaron would not be saved.

Of course obviously as Amanda pointed out, Charlie had turned his back on the idea when he said "So much for fate." So his motives (or the lack of 'em) are still pretty much God only knows. (Which is incidentally another Beach Boys song)

Timothy said...

16 years, that was when I knew I was gonna like this show too!

I got a theory about Kate's "Him" at the end that she refers to, and let me tell you, this one's a real lulu.

It's Tom. Not Tom the other, but Tom the boyfriend that she listened to the tape with. And guess what else. "Born To Run" is a FLASH FORWARD!!!

Faith said...

I would totally buy that. There's a certain relentless marshal who shows up in EVERY Kate flashback...EXCEPT that one, and Whatever the Case May Be. I suppose you could attribute that to the fact that she was in New Mexico. In Born To Run, she's still in Iowa. They even made a point of showing him for about ten seconds in Left Behind. Kind of interesting that he's nowhere to be found in Born to Run, isn't it? That would ALSO solve the problem of how the plane got from the backseat of the wrecked car, to a safety deposit box in New Mexico - it didn't. Although then there's the problem of Kate telling Jack ON the island that the plane belonged to the man she killed...hmm...Either way, its an awesome theory! Like we've said, if ANY flashback from anyone's story turns out to have been a flash forward...I would be so unbelievably impressed with this show...and I already am x.x

Spencer said...

The "enhanced" version of through the looking glass was awful. There was no extra insight, as promised, but just background information, and nothing that we would appreciate. I hated it so much that I turned it off at 10 and went to bed, it just really annoyed me while watching the episode. It lowers my expectations for the recap show that promises the same things at 8 tonight.

Lauren said...

Charlie said "So much for fate" because at that time, he did think he was going to get out of it. But you could almost see this "flash" (pun intended, I guess) of realization in his face as soon as Desmond came rushing towards the door. I think at that moment, he realized that everything that had happened in Desmond's vision was happening now, just like he saw it originally. It was very important to him that Claire and Aaron get off the island. Since that was how the sequences of flashes worked, I think that he knew that it had to happen that way. But even without the flashes in that scenario (excluding the fact that they wouldn't even be out there without the flashes), he would see that Desmond was coming over and know that if he made it inside the room, they would both die and everyone (including Claire) would never know that they were in danger from the freighter people.

I don't remember everything from Catch 22, but I THINK that every time something changed from the Desmond's original flashes, he would get new flashes every now and then. Or did the flashes change without anything else changing? But the way things happened was different than the original flash. So even though Desmond and Charlie both looked happy that they weren't getting new flashes, to me it almost just sealed Charlie's doom because the flashes changed in the other episode.

Idris said...

Not listened to this podcast yet, still on the last one too (blame not having gone to work to listen to it on the metro ;p).

Thanks to Josh and Amanda, and all contributors. It's made the hiatus seem a hell of a lot better and shorter. I'm not going to see the start of S4 just yet, because I'm also in the UK. But I won't be far behind you!!

Spencer said...

I'm gonna just come out and say it... this was a better flash-forward than last season's finale. Because while the last one was amazing, it relied very heavily on the last scene to make it shock everyone. In this flashforward, every second was amazing, and jaw-dropping, and just plain old fun. Oh, greatest line ever: "I Thinking about growing a beard."

One last thing: there's something that, going to DarkUFO, listening the Jay and Jack (and their listener comments) I haven't heard anyone discuss, because they didn't dwell on it during the episode. The whole basketball scene at the end felt very much like when Hurley and Walt were playing chess or backgammon in the first season, except then, Hurley could never win. This time, hurley can't miss a basket, which makes me ask, did something happen that gave hurley walt-like powers?

DoctorWho8 said...

For your new podcast name, I suggest "The Lost Present Moments".
Bill "the Doctor"

jeff said...

Hurley is awesome at basketball and ping pong. I can't remember, was he also good at golf? He seems to be a natural at all sports/games.

Timothy said...

I just saw a really cool post on the Fuselage about what I'm calling "The Ho Ho Ho Theory".

(S4E01 spoilers ahead)

Hurley says he saw Charlie standing over by the Ho Ho's, that's where the first two Ho's are in the episode. The third is trickier, but when Hurley and Jack are playing basketball, the game they're playing is "Horse", in which every time you miss a basket you spell out a letter in the word "horse" for each time you miss, so basically if you miss five times you lose. Jack misses twice, Hurley even says it out loud "That's H-O." There's the third Ho.

What does it mean though? Well, "Ho ho ho" obviously is what Santa Claus says and where does Santa Claus live? The North Pole. It might be a clue that the island is there. Possibly tucked off in the middle of whatever ice continent is up there (I'm sure it has a name, but it eludes me at the moment). Which might be why it takes a submarine to get there. Of course now that we're seeing helicopters flying around I don't know. Someone said maybe the freighter is actually an icebreaker. But still, kinda cool I must say :D

Spencer said...

Hey guys, here's some great news out of Hawaii(not strike related):

Man Who Robbed Lost's Holloway Gets 30 Years

Ruben Royce, a 23-year-old charged with a string of Honolulu home invasion robberies in 2005 — including the holdup of Lost cast member Josh Holloway, on Friday pleaded guilty Friday to 34 offenses, including kidnapping, first-degree robbery, burglary and auto theft, the AP reports. In a plea deal, Royce agreed to accept a 30-year prison term when he is sentenced April 29.

Spencer said...

Oh, one more thing, anyone else notice the car that continually pops up in episodes in the first scene of TBOTE? When Hurley's car crashes, he crashes into the same car that has been in multiple episodes before. Here's the LOSTpedia article:

The car was in the episodes: Special, Born to Run, Dues Ex Machina, and The Man From Tallahassee (the scene in the florist).

peony said...

thank you spencer for saying you hated The "enhanced" version. I did too. i more than hated it made me crazy and i had to turn it off

how about The Lost Flash for your name? just drop the back.
i know that not very good. i ll think of something better, maybe you should have a poll. :)

bex said...

or even - the Lost Flashes

Spencer said...