Monday, January 7, 2008

Episode 32 - The Man From Expose

Amanda is going through some rough personal times, so please bear with her the next two weeks. Here is episode 32:

Episode 32 - The Man From Expose


Timothy said...

Amanda, my prayers and thoughts will be with you all the time. (((hugs)))

I'll tell you what, this is a front runner for the Best Podcast You Guys Have Ever Done award!

About the ping-pong ball: There is a deleted scene in which Sawyer finds the ping-pong ball as a "surprise" at the bottom of a box of Dharma cereal. Which I don't know why they haven't started selling that yet, I mean seriously.

How cool would it be if the episode of "Expose" that Locke was watching on his TV turned out to be the same one that Hurley reads in which it is revealed who the Cobra is, which is still obviously in script form on island time. Could it be that the reason Locke is walking on the island now is because Cooper pushing him out a window is a flash forward? Okay, that's just dumb.

I love when Locke says "I'm looking for the submarine" because he smiles after he says it and for some reason I literally laugh out loud every time.

I love both the "two giant hamsters" and the "code for there's a man in my closet" lines, for some reason the hamsters one gets me more becuase of the way that Locke interrupts Ben in the middle of a sentence saying "Yeah, that's very funny." He's just dominating that scene.

There's also something screwy going on with the clock in that scene.

I always noticed that thing with Paulo looking out into the sky just after the crash too. Wonder if he was looking North?

See yas later!
(((hugs Amanda again)))

ash said...

Take care Amanda, don't worry about the podcast. We'll be here when you return. :)

Congested said...


<3 Amanda. Be well.

Brandon said...

Hang in there Amanda Life Sucks at times But then it throws you a good loop in return. All comes around in the end each good has a bad as each bad a good.. (enter philosefer here). On a happier note i just got a awsome monitor and i swear lost has NEVER been better