Monday, January 28, 2008

If you only watch ONE mobisode this season...

This got me SO unbelievably pumped for Thursday....and it made my jaw hit the floor:

(Video courtesy of Dark UFO)

Comments PLEASE.


travis said...

OMG! That was awesome!! That really puts a crimp in the "Vincent is Smokey theory"! I guess Vincent sees Smokey and listens to Smokey and is kind of an agent of Smokey -- that is of course, if you think the Christian we see on the island is really Smoke Monster.

I happen to think Christian is dead, but I guess he's more than just a vision if Vincent can see him! That makes me think Smoke Monster can take the shape of dead people on the Island -- Christian, Yemmy, Boone, perhaps Charlie in S4.

travis said...

Ohh...or maybe it's Jacob! Since Walt, who we assume is not dead says the same thing to Locke, about "work to do."'s really crazy. A dog listening to a dead guy! Wow.

Faith said...

That was my first instinct - that the "work to do" parallel meant that it was Smokey. However, someone brought up the point that it seemed very unlike the monster to refer to Jack as "my son." If you will recall "Yemi," and the line "you speak to me as if I were your brother." I really don't know WHAT to think...but my head is spinning. I absolutely cannot wait to see what this is all about.

As far as I'm concerned, this means that it is impossible that BOTH all of the dead people AND Vincent have been Smokey. Unless Smokey kills and then becomes Vincent immediately following this.

I think its strange that if Christian is Smokey, and I have a hard time believing anything otherwise, why would he appear to Vincent, and more importantly, why would he appear to Vincent as Christian Shephard, a man he has (to our knowledge x.x) never seen before in his life?

travis said...

It's all very confusing. But I agree, Vincent has to be alive and kicking for "Christian" to tell him to wake up Jack. I always thought Vincent was an agent for "the Island." Maybe he just does what "Christian" tells him to do!

The main question now is, are these manifestations (Walt, Boone, Christian, Yemmi, the horse, etc.) controlled by Smokey, Jacob or "the island?" Or is Smokey doing things (like Yemmi), while the Island is doing other things (like Walt or Christian)?

I'm probably not explaining it well, because frankly I can't get my head wrapped around it. I just never had the feeling that all the on island manifestations were coming from the same place.

Lauren said...

OMG!!! That was the most amazing thing ever! I'm really hoping that was actuyal real life Christian because I've always believed he was alive!

I don't even know where to begin...what's Jack's work? You would think they would be talking about Locke, but, no, this is Jack. I can't even deal with this amazingness!

Josh said...

I think we have to assume that was not Christian Shepard, at least not the man we see in flashbacks. If it was Christian, he's acting very very strange.

For me, the most important things about this mobisode(and I've watched it many times so far), are that "Christian" refers to Jack as my son, and that he has work to do.

If it's Christian, calling him "my son" is fine, but what work would he have to do...AND HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD. And if it's Smokey, why reffer to him as my son. What I mean is, if Smokey gets it's info from reading minds, or whatnot, how could it know all this about Jack before he's even consious, and what work does it want him to do? Jack seemed very into helping people even without Vincent around.

So for me, the two most important questions from this are obviously, "What the hell is this thing?" and "What work does it want Jack to do?"

Locke definetly seems to win the islands affections, but were those affections once directed toward Jack? Did Jack some how fail a test early on that made the Island give up on him, and turn to Locke?

The final question that I think is AMAZING, is, "Has the Island(if that's what it is) spoken to Vincent since then?" Did the Island give Vincent the virgin mary statue?? Does the island always seem to place vincent in locations where crazy shiznit is about to go down?? OR, did Vincent indeed die in the crash, and Josh's crazy theory is true, and this is nothing but a sidearm of the monster/island.

By far, this mobisode asks the most questions! And I LOVE IT.

peony said...

i always wondered if christian was still alive because of the way jack was acting at the airport. he was so insistent that his dad's body be put on the plane,. did he know his father was alive and they together were trying to fake his death? was he worried that if they didn't get on the plane his father may really die because he would be in the coffin too long??

redrabbitblue said...

lots to read ill catch up in the morning. My first thought after eight months of the L F's was josh is going to flip his lid.

jeff said...

YES! Easily the best mobisode of all. It's mind blowing.

Josh said...

Oh, I did flip my lid. I was litterlly like, "Holy Crap!!!!"

Bex said...

Heh, I watched it while playing Lord of the Rings Online with friends, and I was supposed to be healing them... let's just say that didn't quite go to plan, but I did start yelling at them to all go watch the mobisodes!

(one of them is holding out, because he thinks they'll all be spoilers. bah!)

berty said...

I could totally be seing things that might not be there but in the first 20 seconds of mobisode 13 you see the smoke monster in the background.

berty (Awesomewells)

travis said...

To all the people who think Christian is alive, answer a few questions for me.

1.) Why is Christian walking around not talking to people? He's acting like a ghost, not a real person.

2.) Where does he live? At the caves? What does he eat? Why has no one else come across him?

3.) Where has Christian been since season 1? Is he hiding in a hidden hatch?

CHRISTIAN IS DEAD!!! What Jack and Vincent is see is either a ghost or some manifestation of the island/Jacob/Smokey.

Josh, the "work" Jack has to do is to save the passengers in the aftermath of the crash.

Katie said...

It is hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of a living Christian being on the island physically.

Here is an explanation is not as much fun, but easier for me to understand:

Could the images of Christian and Vincent in the beginning of the episode been a dream/vision that the island gave to Jack before he woke up? The way they cut from those scenes to Jack's eye, makes this seem a possibility.

Josh said...

But Travis as I said, why does Christian say that? Jack seemed like he was going to help them no matter what. Vincent didn't wake Jack up, nor did he lead him to the beach. Vincent ran past him, but that's it.

"The Work", can't just be that.

travis said...

Josh: the "work" could also mean the business of being a leader. And Jack wakes up before Vincent gets to him.

The mobisode doesn't sync up perfectly with S1-01 that's for sure, but I thought it was obvious "Christian" wants Jack up so he can start leading the losties.

peony said...

i think he is alive and is part of dharma (or above what dharma is)along with sun's father, penny's father, Jacob and charlie's grandfather and others. i think they had experiments done to the losties when they were children to make the "superior" then regular children and now they arranged to have them come back to the island to test them and see if their experiments worked.

or its christian clone #8. ;)

Josh said...

Well, being a the leader is far different from simply helping the injured after the plane crash. He didn't want to be the leader for a long time, and the thing that finally got him acting like one was finding the caves.

And lets not forget, he only found the caves cause he was chasing his father.

The Lost Crackpot said...

I think this is, without a doubt, the BEST mobisode ever, on anything. The main reason that I don't think Christian = Smoke Monster is that he shows personality. The smoke monster or any agent of the island has never had anything but a determined look of "do what I tell you" on their face. Christian was interacting and playing around with the dog.

Also, awful me, I read the part synopsis on DarkUFO(for episode one), and spoilers aside, certain things in this mobisode makes me extremely excited about certain things in the premiere (I don't think that's spoilerish). Overall, great mobisode, and great Greatest Hits podcast. Is It Thursday Yet?

Faith said...

Thats what I thought, too - Travis and Josh think he's acting strangely, but I think he's acting very human. Oddly human, even.

redrabbitblue said...

I never much thought of the two smokie idea as something i beleived but at first viewing i thought they both were the smoke monster...What i really find weird is the white sneakers and black suit strange combo..Back on the whole white and black thing i guess backgamon..the two stones
There something strange in the air
Its frickin Lost season 4 24 hrs away after all the wait the 8 months of agony its almost over

Faith said...

I have ALWAYS been obsessed with those white tennis shoes. I just learned recently (and maybe this is common knowledge, or maybe this is NOT common practice) that people are laid to rest barefoot, so I found it interesting that he was wearing those shoes.(If anyone knows more about this, please let me know.) I figure that for TPTB to show us those shoes even before 99% of the characters on the show, they must be HUGE.

redrabbitblue said...

They sure did whant you to see the shoes i also found the light dark combo in that vincent is a light dog and dr. shep. is wereing dark cloths...At the end he stands funny straight but the shoulders ar all slumped...Very weird, interesting, cool much better the all the rest imagin if they all were like this arzt is cool and all but id rather see desmond probly to pricie. they used like just four or five of main cast..i think if everybody had one it would have been better maybe claires could of made you like her better...hmmm

travis said...

Josh: Jack was the leader of the losties from the day he stepped foot on that beach in S1-01. He wasn't just helping people, he managed the entire situation - from Rose, to Claire, to Boone, etc. After that, the rest of the losties looked to him as the leader, whether he liked it or not.

Jack finding the caves can now be chalked up to "Christian" helping Jack out.

Faith said...

Oooh, good point, Travis!

Lauren said...

This show has always been all about good and evil and how the island is both things. I think Christian Shephard symbolizes that duality in terms of being both good AND evil. I also think that when he said "Jack had work to do" he didn't necessarily mean any good work. What are the most important things we have seen Jack do in the series?
1. Repair Ben (not a good idea),
2. Make the call on the sat phone.

Those are both decisions that I think he would like to have back when he has time to think about them later, which is what the flashforward shows. So I think Christian represents a manifestation of the island that is not necessarily a good one. Locke is the one of the two of them that is driven to keep them ON the island and he has faith in it as well. Ben has faith in the island, but he is also somewhat drunk with power in my opinion. I think the part of the island that drives Locke (Jacob?) did not want Ben to live AND did not want Jack to make that call.

All Jack's work has been to get them off the island. Now, Locke's work has been to make them all stay. I don't know how much it explains, but it's an interesting contrast when you think about what "work" Jack has actually done.

Spencer said...

Ok, here's a theory. If Christian is Jacob, as some people have speculated, then maybe that's where he's been since White Rabbit, in Jacob's Hut. He's been stuck in there by Ben's mystical sand, and can't leave. How he got there, I don't know.

On a completely different Christian note, I have the personal belief that Jack may have had a part in Christian's death, so he may be evil yet (on some level anyway).

Faith said...

Spencer, I have long had that theory myself, and I think that would be about the most awesome reveal EVER. =)

Josh said...

Well then I still don't understand why you think Christian said he has work to do.

You say that Jack was the leader from the very first moment. Well, he was that way without help from Christian, and definetly without help from Vincent.

I don't think "the work" has to do with him as the leader, or anything we've seen. I really think the work was something more mystical, and more Lockelike. Remember, Jack came in contact with the monster long before Locke. However, he was not interested in it other than running the other way, and making sure everyone else did the same.

Is it possible that the island saw something in Jack and said, "hey, he's going to be my little pet". Then Jack doesn't seem interested in the island's mysteries, and really cares only about helping his fellow losties. Something Locke honestly doesn't care about mid-season one which tells me that the Island really doesn't care about them either. So, once Jack has not given into the Island, it turns to Locke, the crippled man who was healed the moment he landed, and seems to be searching for something to give his life meaning. Locke was far more open to be taken into the Island's grips that Jack was.

I think it would be incredibly facinating that Locke was the Island's 2nd choice, and that it originally wanted Jack(the true leader) to be the one that it controls, and maybe even be the next Ben.

peony said...

i always thought jack acted weird at the airport when he was trying to get on the flight with his dad's body. i know he was supposed to be grieving but he was (CRAZY JACK)over reacting and nervous.

why was he insisting on going on that flight? i know he gave reasons about wanting to go to the funeral but.......he had other reasons..he was hiding something or he was afraid of something.

Timothy said...

Vincent has played a part in many of the integral character development steps. He brought the Virgin Mary Statue to Charlie, so that Charlie could dispose of his bad habit for good. He brought Hurley the arm of Roger so that Hurley could find the van and get back a piece of his own little faith, not to mention roll over some Other ass later on :D

Vincent visits Sawyer during the "S.O.S." ending, maybe just to keep him company while Kate and Jack are off getting caught in a net, but Sawyer shows a little generosity there and maybe he needs it after the kind of stunts he's been pulling throughout S2.

Vincent played a small role in Shannon getting shot by leading her there, he didn't want Walt to go away on the raft (although that could be attributed as much to the fact that they were close). But then he distracts Sun for long enough that Charlie can kidnap her. Maybe the ultimate goal there was for Sawyer to get the guns 'cause Jack and Locke would have blown each other away otherwise. He leads Walt into the jungle to get attacked by the polar bear, but again one could argue it was for a greater good, so that Walt and Michael could bond as a result of it. The fact that Locke is involved with that one is just, por supuesto. When the perimeter alarm is tripped in "Homecoming", guess who's at the scene of the crime. That old dog.

It's almost like Vincent is on one side a bad omen and on the other, a catalyst for self-discovery or something. If Smokey is a police officer, Vincent is the speed limit sign. Yeah, I know, that metaphor sucks balls :D

travis said...

Josh, I think you're over thinking it. The simplest answer is Christian wanted Jack awake to start leading the losties. If the island knows so much about Jack, why would it choose him in the first place to be "its pet"? Jack is the last person I would want to believe in faith and fate and all that island mystery stuff.

Christain tells Vincent to wake up his son. Why would he do that? Because he has work to do!! Of course Vincent doesn't lick his face or whatever, because that wouldn't match up with the Pilot opening.

Don't over-complicate things!

Lauren said...

Regardless, I think we can all agree that there is something going on with Vincent beyond him being just a normal dog. I don't know quite what it is or if it has to do with Walt, but it's something weird.

Maybe one of your shows should be something running down everything weird that Vincent does that could possibly construed as not dog-like or more than dog-like.

Faith said...

There will definitely be a Vincent theme show =)

Spencer said...

It's a little off topic to the original thread, but here's an 'All Jack, All The Time' theme show idea: The ode to Crazy Jack. Just talking about every time that Jack has acted crazy, It would be a fun, some what light-hearted episode (some of the stuff is kind of dark, like in the finale where he's drugged out crazy) that I think everyone would get a kick out of.

Josh said...

Great idea Spencer.

The All Jack all the Time shows will be fun. Mainly cause they will be about 20% of our shows. Which is every 5th!!

To Travis:
I think overthinking things is important in Lost. I really hope things in the show aren't supposed to be so simple and on the surface. So you think, he wanted Vincent to wake him up, resulting in him NOT waking him up at all, or even leading him to the Beach. Vincent doesn't even come in contact with Jack for several days. That leaves two possibilties. This Mobisode is just for thrills, to make us WANT more Lost. OR, it's important information. I hope it's the latter.