Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sorry all, actually we will be on on Friday

That's right, the podcast is getting around more than Sawyer did. But, this time we won't change it again. It will be on Friday, Jan 4, 2008.

We had to change it, there was an issue at Josh's work, and they needed him. That's how awesome he is.

Join us same Bat Channel, but a slightly altered Bat Time.

Send all hate mail to Josh.


Geeky Tom said...

Ha, I just saw that. All Jack, all the time. Very funny, your cruel mockery when it is warranted will suffice :)

travis said...

The Man from Tallahassee:

I really enjoyed the discussion about the Locke-Ben conversation. That was the best piece of dialog in the entire series.

The the bit about Ben asking Locke not to blowup the sub, makes me think even more that Locke just hid the sub and didn't blow it up.

Brandon said...

I don't think Locke could move a sub by himself with no training at all. They sure don't show you how to use one in the weebaloos, or on discovery plus, I really think he does'nt want any thing around that could be used to leave.
As for being wet maybe he put the charges on the outside of the sub instead of the inside?

Brandon said...

Why would a bunch of polar bears swim from one tropical island to another?

To escape the others?