Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Episode 37 - Charlie's and Our Greatest Hits

This was such an amazing episode. The writing, directing and acting were just incredible, and Josh got a little choked up. We try to keep it more upbeat, but this is such a difficult episode to joke about, it's so sad. But it's also such an amazing eulogy to Charlie. The scene between him and Hurley is so sad, and now knowing exactly what goes down in the finale, it's even more sad. And that last scene on the surface, with him standing in the boat is so beautiful, I'll ask again, "How did this show not even get nominated for an emmy that season??"

After we are done with the ep, we discuss the absolutly amazing mobisode(Which is right below this post thanks to DarkUFO). Please tell us what you think in that thread cause we already got a good conversation going.

After the mobisode we discuss our own personal greatest hits. Josh starts off telling a story about what the podcast, and all of you really mean to him. We then give our lists of top everything, capped off with the Podcasts' Top 5 greatest moment. There's also a nice little ramble about our favorite quotes.

Download the Episode here.


1) The next show is on at 11:00 ET on Wednesday, Jan 30, 2008. Directly after TTLG airs on ABC(on the East Coast at least, sorry Pacific Time Zone)

2)What do you think the show should be called after the rewatch is done?? Or do you think we should keep the name?

3)Vote in our two Polls. One ends very soon, and the Other one(pun intended) ends in mid-Feb.


Thanks all, you have no idea.


Dawn said...

I'm still a few episodes behind you guys, trying to catch up by Thursday Night! Just thought I'd take a minute to thank you for taking me through the hiatus and keeping my brain from dying while I was at work!! It was awesome. Now if only I knew what I was going to do through the next hiatus. (All Jack all the time??)

travis said...

The way Naomi talks about Charlie's old band releasing a greatest hits album, and making a big deal about it and it being everywhere, makes me think that more time has elapsed off the island than just 3 months.

A lot of stuff has to happen between the time of the crash and Naomi landing on the island! First Oceanic and the authorities has to search for the missing flight -- that has to take a while. Second, someone has to find a plane. Then an album has to pressed and released, etc., etc. I don't think all that can happen between Sept 22 and late December.

I dunno, I want to see TPTB explain that line. I'm not saying the time on the island moves slower than time elsewhere, because there is a lot of evidence to the contrary (Juliet seeing her sister and 3 yr old nephew in realtime at the Flame, the fact that Ben has aged appropriately since his arrival to the island in the 70's, etc.), but it is curious.

travis said...

Amanda makes a good point about Desmond and the self-fulfilling prophecy. The way I reconcile it in mind is to go back to what Mrs. Hawkins said. If Desmond hadn't told him about the flashing light, someone else would have -- remember Sayid has the blueprints to the station. It was going to happen anyway, but now Charlie knows what the ultimate outcome is. He could've saved himself in the station, but fate would step in and kill him in some other way.

This is why I don't like the time travel stuff -- it's landmind full of all sorts of consequences and has to be handled very carefully by the writers.

travis said...

Ugh, the Driveshaft ring! This reminds me why I didn't like this episode until the end. This flashback and the swimming one exist just so the writers can explain continuity errors.

IMO, initially the DS stood for Driveshaft, but the writers didn't think that was sentimental enough for Charlie to give to Aaron, so they retro-conned it to mean Dexter Stratton. Does that look an antique ring?? Hell no!

Cut out the last ten minutes, and this episode sucks!

travis said...

Can you tell I'm commenting as I listen to your awesome podcast??

I take back what I said about the episode not being great -- I just don't like some of the flashbacks.

About what you said about the mobisode: Why Christian? He's dead and his body is on the island somewhere -- The only living person the island has ever conjured up is Walt and he's gone...so I guess the island can't manifest itself as a living person on the island.

What work does he have to do? Help the passengers.

Why not use it for the S4 premiere? It's really not "new" information -- we already knew Christian was walking around the place like a ghost and that Vincent was often used to move the story forward. But it doesn't really have much to do with where the losties are at the end of S3. It would be disconnected.

In my mind it's a cool scene showing us how something thinks Jack is important and wants him helping the losties, but it doesn't push the story forward.

Sorry for all the post, but your podcast has me fired up for S4!!

Congested said...

Good podcast. I enjoyed listening to it last night and it was good to hear some of how it got started from Josh . The greatest hits lists were cool as well.

I'm looking forward to see what you two do with the show in the coming weeks. Good luck!

jeff said...

I see no problem with the the show title "The Lost Fashbacks", even after season 4 starts. In a sense, you guys will be flashing back to talk about the episode, won't you? Or do you plan on doing the episode while watching the new ones?

Also, I think Jack gets a bum rap from you guys. I don't think the group would have survived without him. He is the leader that everyone relies on, but always likes to complain about behind his back. All of the responsibility, but none of the love. Sure Jack is a flawed character, but isn't that what makes the other characters likable and interesting? All I am saying, is give Jack a chance. :-)

jeff said...

BTW - Your show is great, and I enjoyed hearing Josh's story. It's interesting how doing the show has helped Josh, and how listening to the show has helped me. I've gone through some major life changes in the past 8 months or so - and it has been nice to be able to count on an awesome LOST podcast that really talkes in depth about the show. I love the Jay and Jack show, but it is a lot shorter and they mostly skim though stuff. I was looking for a show like yours, and I heard Jack mention it on his show. I've now listened to every episode that you guys have put out. Thanks so much!

Faith said...

Its actually that Jack isn't flawed ENOUGH...lol

So glad that you started listening - I am ETERNALLY grateful to Jack for that plug..seriously, highlight of my life...

Josh said...

Thank you so much Jeff, it means a lot to know that people got something from my story. After I was done, I thought, "did people really need to know that? Do they care?" And it's nice to see that some people do.

About Jack, I did like Jack a lot at the beginning. But I think being the hero, is to easy. Evil Jack would have been amazing, and so interesting to watch. I do love what they did instead, but I just wish a lot of things. Unlike Amanda, my dislike for him started in Season 3 when he became very whiny and kinda preachy again for no reason. I really hated when he wouldn't let Kate talk to him privatly, I don;t like how he spends all his time with Juliet, and I REALLY don't like the stuff about his tatoos.

I do want to point out though, that my dislike for Jack does not mean I dislike Mathew Fox. In fact, I think he does an absolutly amazing job, and I love every minute of it. I just don't like Jack that much anymore. :)

FutureJack said...

Thanks for helping us get through the hiatus! My wife and I also did the series re-watch and it never seemed this day would get here. So Happy Lost Day!

And aside from the travesty that was the Finale re-broadcast on ABC, we are both excited for the premiere.

I agree that you should keep the show "The Lost Flashbacks." It is still relevant and works thematically. I wouldn't change it. Thanks again for your dilligence in finishing the Lost marathon.

Talk soon.