Friday, September 28, 2007

The Great Claire Debate

So, by now you've surely noticed that both Josh and I aren't the biggest Claire fans of all time, so if you're a Claire fan, THIS is your chance to stick up for your favorite Lostie. We want you to make us love her - whether its by citing memorable scenes, or just reminding us how darn cute she is sometimes! I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!


Andrea said...

The BAYby, the BAYby,Charley, My BAYby

Sorry can't help you like her Amanda...not at least until this BAYby grows up.

Timothy said...

Speaking as a single dude, I will say that Claire is flat out adorable and gorgeous as all heckfire.

The biggest problem is that even after years of watching her on the show, I feel like I still don't really "know" her character. We know that she reacts negatively to getting in a car wreck or seeing her Mommy in a coma, or Aaron getting captured or sick, but ANYONE would react that way. Her reactions to all this stuff don't really tell us anything unique about her character. She is right down there next to Rose and Bernard on the "fewest centric episodes" scale.

There is something going on with her that is completely going to blow the doors, I totally believe it, and I can't wait to see what it is.

Faith said...

Sorry - hotness isn't a good enough reason for me to like a character ... otherwuise Jack would be much higher on my list ;)

One thing I forgot to mention is that I'm having slight feelings of deja vu with Claire. Its very much the same as it was with Shannon - I hated her, but loved Boone, Boone died, and the aftermath made me LOVE Shannon. I also feel like both characters have a lot of unfulfilled potential. Both actresses are stellar performers (remember Emilie in Par Avion?). I feel like there is a moment coming for Claire, and I can see history repeating itself, and me having a complete change of heart - mainly when we see the scene where Claire finds out about Charlie - I just hope she doesn't also get shot and die in six episodes!

travis said...

I hate Claire, but Amanda does an outstanding Claire impression.

Faith said...

Thanks - I practice =D

...and by that, I mean I rant about her all the time XD

Josh said...

Yeah, hottness isn't enough. If it was, Kate would be my favorite character. Now, I'm not saying Terry O'Quinn isn't a hot guy, I'm just saying that's not why Locke is my favorite character. :-P

I agree that we don't know that much about Claire, and I actually think her back story is very interesting. I think it's the most real one.

For me, the main reason I dont like her is how she pretty much never really accepts how much Charlie has meant to her and the baby. Until the end of season 3, but then it's too late as far as I'm concerned. As I said in the show, he almost died trying to save her baby, and that happened like a week!!

I would hope, if you have a new born baby, and someone risks thier life to save it, that you would treat them like a hero for more than a week, and give them a break if they are not perfect.

Charlie has never been a favorite of mine, but I think Amanda's love for him has been rubbing of on me. Yeah, he lied, and made a mistake. But Claire hasn't exactly been little miss perfect on the island.

I do hope though that we learn more about Claire and that she becomes more interesting and important in season 4. Perhaps that will happen when she learns about Charlie, or when she learns her and Jack are related.

Janic said...

sry, can't help you there. Not only do I find Emilie de Ravin unattractive, I hate her character just as much as you do :>



Congested said...

She's attractive imo, yes... but that isn't the issue here. I don't think Josh and Amanda are questioning her looks.

It's simply the fact that her character is under developed, which is how I feel about Michael as well. I'm hoping they do so bigger things with Claire but realistically I don't think they have had a great idea about where her character was headed... the Lostpedia fan-fict script about Claire was cool.. but it wasn't cool because of her, just who she was tied to - I think that will be the case with her ultimate story as well. That it is interesting, but not because of her necessarily.

Dawn said...

I have issues w/Claire, not just cause shes annoying and her belly was so fake, but because her backstory seems to have changed.

Was she a naive blonde girl who liked astrology and lived with her boyfriend.. I think they said she was a waitress or something...

Or was she a black haired edgy goth girl who worked in a tattoo parlor????

Doesnt make sense.

Faith said...

I agree, Dawn. In Raised By Another, she says her mom will flip if she finds out that she's pregnant. However we see in Par Avion that her mother is in the I don't think there will be much flipping going on. =\

Dawn said...

flipping in her hospital bed.. right I remember thinking that too upon rewatch of Season 1.

Only explanation is that the Good Claire has an evil black haired twin who works in a tattoo parlor and has a mom in the hospital.

Perhaps the Evil Claire's baby is Aaron's nemesis and in the end the two BAYbys will have armageddon.

elias said...

Emo-Claire was edgy and cool until she found out who daddy was. Then suddenly - she turns into the Claire we all know and love (!) Maybe Jack is all doom and gloom in the finale because he left his sister behind.

She's somewhat annoying but no more than yr average aussie.

and gets a pass because she's hot.

also - she's in Brick which is better than most Lost-related films.

jhjenn said...

Claire always refers to Aaron as "MY baby." The philosophy that brought us "namaste" would say that you never OWN anyone... and thus, "the baby," or "Aaron," would be true to the faith. Maybe there will be something to learn???

Lauren said...

I can't say that Claire is one of my favorite characters, but I feel that she has become become much less annoying in Season 3.

Maybe it's just because I felt really bad for her in Par Avion, or because I'm hoping she will be good again and be one of my favs like back in Season 1

Marie from Illinois said...


Love your podcast. About Claire, here's something you will someday understand.

Being pregnant and having a baby will both make you crazy. After giving birth, your hormones are totally out of whack and breastfeeding makes you totally self-centered. (This is nature's way of making you focus on your baby since you have to feed him.) I remember watching some horrific story on the news right after giving birth and thinking "Who cares?!" Right after that I totally screamed at my husband who was a little slow bringing me some Diet Coke. All of my mom friends had similar experiences.

In short, it is not easy living with a woman who has just given birth. You'll see.

Keep up the good work.


Jeff said...

I understand you are asking for fans of Claire to speak up, but I just have to use this opportunity to say that I hate the Claire character. Think about all of the her time on the island. Now try to think of a single time where she contributed anything other than having a baby. Has she built anything? No. Has she fought off any baddies? No. Has she cooked? No. Has she carried wood? No. SHE DOES NOTHING BUT SPEAK IN AN ANNOYING VOICE and COMPLAIN! Occasionally she'll look pretty, but most often she doesn't - and her annoying nature trumps any beauty that she may have. The only reason Charlie must have liked her is because Kate shut down his advances. Can you think of a single aspect of her personality that would have attracted Charlie? I sure can't. I never understood why Jay (from Jay and Jack) liked Claire so much. I'm surprised the smoke monster hasn't gotten annoyed with her and tossed her into the ocean.

Dawn said...

OK I'm convinced that Claire, or rather Emilie, is too old.

I mean that Claire should be a teenager. Then that personality would work on her.

Guess they had to keep her legal if she was gonna be a love interest for Charlie, but since they never did it I think it would have worked anyway.

Actually the whole thing w/Locke and Charlie looking after her like she was a little sister may even have worked better if she had been 15 or 16.

I'd even buy 18 or 19, but she seems too grown up to act the way she does, so it seems like she's just annoying and not 'young'

Thats what I think.

Lauren said...

Do I like Claire? Not especially. But do I hate her? Not at all. The only time I hated her was around the time when I hated Charlie as well, which was most of Season 2. I liked Charlie a lot in Season 1 and loved him by the end of Season 3. Both of their characters were either done wrong by weird island plots or completely ignored or underdeveloped for awhile.

I agree with all the Claire criticisms except for the one that you all had about her pulling away from Charlie some in Season 2. I don't think she liked Charlie nearly as much as he liked her until later, first of all. That doesn't make her a bad person necessarily; I just think that maybe she didn't want to lead him on and he was sort of moving in and playing house and it was getting too intense for her. I think she overreacted to that other stuff almost because she was given an excuse. But I do think that if I didn't like Charlie "in that way" yet and he was sort of playing husband and father with me and my child, I would be bothered by it.

Anyway, I basically hated her and Charlie at the same time (I was always like, "Charlie, get a clue, she's not that into you and she wants space,") but I felt more sorry for Charlie than I did for her. In Season 2 I was almost always annoyed by her. Now I am neutral towards her and am sad that we don't get to spend more time with the changed Charlie.