Friday, September 21, 2007

Thanks to everyone who responded to the crossword blog - its nice to know there are readers out there! Here is this week's episode:

TLF 17 - The Other 48 Collisions

Hope you guys enjoy it, and don't forget to leave us all of your thoughts in a comment or an email!

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travis said...

Regarding Amanda's "Nathan is an other" theory, I really think you need to let this one go. This is just another case of a cool theory with little to no supporting evidence. And the evidence to the contrary (Goodwin's speech, Ben's orders at the beginning of season #3) is merely ignored or twisted to fit your theory.

Yes, Nathan was a creepy guy doing God knows what in the jungle, but he was used as a pawn by the writers to direct any audience suspicion away from Goodwin.

Goodwin killed Nathan because he knew when Ana tortured him she would come to realize that he, Nathan, wasn't an other and she would turn her attention suspicions elsewhere. Namely, Goodwin.

Goodwin admits to Ana before he dies that Nathan wasn't one of them. Nathan wasn't on the list he says. (Presumably this is either Jacob's list of the "good" 815 survivors or the list of tailies to abduct) Why would Goodwin lie to Ana when he think he's about to kill her? Also, where was Nathan when Ben was barking out orders to Goodwin and Ethan at the beginning of Tale of Two Cities?

Add to that, the producer's comments about Nathan in their podcast: "Damon Lindelof: And you know, we obviously, having seen the first season this show if you're a loyal fan of the show there are many moments that parallel the adventures of our fuselage survivors. Especially in terms that they have been infiltrated by these other people and we try to take the audience's expectation of that and turn it on them by having a red herring character be named Nathan, which is similar to Ethan, and have him come from Canada. We feel Josh Randall who played Nathan did a really good job and it feels that a lot of people sort of went for it."

I think sometimes people fall in love with a theory and have a hard time giving it up even when shown contradictory evidence.

Anyway, I love the podcast and I understand part of your appeal is breaking down every little thing with the show, but come on! Sometimes y'all go overboard with the "wouldn't be cool if" talk.

Admit it, if every flashback had some kind of connection with another character, or every scene had the numbers in it, the show would start to get ridiculous!

Oh well, sorry for the rant. :)