Friday, September 28, 2007

New Episode!

Here it is, the much anticipated 23rd Kate! We experienced some technical difficulties in this episode, but we also had some GREAT discussions that we hope the listeners will get involved with. Just so everyone knows, when you hear "Namaste! .....byyyyyye," the episode is honest-to-goodness over...don't listen to the last ten minutes of nothing x.x

The 23rd Kate

Also, be sure to check out both of the posts above (as promised!) to get in on our discussions from this episode!


Josh said...

The 23rd Pslam
Eko Saved His Brother's Life
Yes, Eko's a Priest

Andrea said...

Yemi Saved, Eko Kills
Father Yemi, Father Eko
Smokey is Yemi, Eko is Killed

Timothy said...

Righteousness, evil
Might seem very far apart
That ain't how it is!

travis said...

Jack is my Shepard
Locke leadeth me to the hatch
I fear no evil

Faith said...

Omg....Travis, yours is MY FAVORITE! Possibly ever. =D Timothy, I love yours, too.

Josh, yours sucks.

Andrea said...

Travis, you win. Great great great