Saturday, September 22, 2007


Three years ago today(September 22) a strange new show aired on ABC. No one knew it then, but in time that show would become a force on network TV, and be obsessively followed by fans. FANS LIKE US!!

Here's Josh's Top 6 Things to do to celebrate the birthday of Lost.

4)Speak using only Lost episode titles. For example, "The Hunting Party Abandoned Everyman for Himself"

8)Annoyingly point out sightings of the numbers to anyone you see. "Look!! 42nd Street!! 42!!!"

15)Jump into the closest body of water with your jeans on, and your shirt off.

16)Watch every single Lost episode back to back. Since there are far more episodes that there are hours in the day, watch them on fast forward. Trust me, crazy Jack looks hilarious on fast forward. When you're done with that, listen to The Lost Flashbacks Podcast, and Email us at

23)Give clever Sawyerish nicknames to everyone you speak to. Remember, they must be funny, and offensive.

42)Quote your favorite Lost character when appropriate. For example, if it's Locke, say, "Don't tell me what I can't do ever!!"

Don't forget to look below this post, and Download Episode 16 of the Lost Flashbacks. Count the amount of times I call Goodwin, "Ethan", it will make you question my sanity.


Faith said...

My clever Sawyerish nickname for you is...hmmm...Scotty - because you obsess over Star Trek, and you like doing accents.

Oh, and if you add up all of the digits in 92204, you, that was kind of close....oh look! Its 11:42 EST!

Once upon a time, there was a Pilot from Australia. He wanted a clean slate, or Tabula Rasa, so he embarked on a Walkabout, where he chased a White Rabbit and The Moth. Being a Confidence man, he went into the wild for some Solitary, and met a woman who had been Raised By Another group of people. After a long conversation, they decided that its true - All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Whatever the Case May Be. He used his masculine wiles to win over the Hearts and Minds of the Special people who lived in the outback. So he brought them back to Sydney, where he recieved a wonderful Homecoming ceremony. The celebration was short lived, because it turns out that the Woman was one of a group of Outlaws who had robbed a bank . She didn't have an Australian accent, so most of her story was lost In Translation. Just when it seemed hopeless, the Deus Ex Machina appeared from the Heavens. "Do No Harm," it said. "I assure you this will all be for the Greater Good." They believed this, and so they all drove around the city while blasting Springsteen's Born to Run. After this wildly fun night, the woman decided to make her Exodus back to her own people.

I don't even DARE to start season two x.x

See ya in another post, brotha' <3

Timothy said...

Allow me!

Jack was a Man of Science, Man of Faith soon to be. Adrift between the two, Jack was in dire need of some spiritual Orientation. Not Everybody Hates Hugo, you know. Desmond fled the Swan Hatch ...And Found his Abandoned sailboat. Meanwhile, The Other 48 Days were soon to be over and a Collision was imminent. Of course, after What Kate Did, not even reciting The 23rd Psalm can save her from The Hunting Party. Fire + Water were soon to clash, but was this The Long Con? Of all the lostaways, more than One Of Them was soon to be on Maternity Leave, that's The Whole Truth. The hatch went through a Lockdown, Locke almost got cast to Dave Jones' locker screaming S.O.S. the whole time. Two For The Road, you might say. Uhh, what was I saying ? Well, in the end it's always that same choice, Live Together, Die Alone.

(Rose punches Jack here)

The title of Season 4, Episode 1 is "Invisible". It's on Youtube :D Part 1 is boring, but then it gets good.