Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Lost!

Thats right! Everyone's favorite show turns three years old at 8/7 central this evening! =D I'd like to take this opportunity to start a YKYWTMLW....Leave your best ones in the comments. And don't forget, its even more fun if its something that you actually do, but you can post any ideas OR go way out there into "scary obsessive behavior"....I'm sure someone out there actually exhibits it! I'll update the list periodically with everyone else's suggestions. I'll put an asterisk next to the ones that apply to me, so you can let me know if you exhibit any of MY obsessive behaviors!!

You Know You Watch Too Much Lost When....

  • You host a weekly Lost podcast ;) *
  • You have a Lost blog *
  • You own a piece of Lost merchandise other than the DVDs *
  • You have a show-related screen name *
  • You have a Lost wallpaper on your desktop *
  • You made that wallpaper *
  • You have the Swan computer screen saver, and you set it to come up every 104 minutes *
  • You get really excited when you meet someone who has the exact same name as a character, even minor flashback characters who were only in two or three episodes *
  • Anytime you remember something, you tell someone you were having a flashback*
  • You can't help crying during certain episodes *
  • You give everyone you know spontaneous, semi-offensive nicknames *
  • You're too lazy to give nicknames, but you do call everyone "Brotha'"
  • You've had a Lost-related dream *
  • That dream involved romantic activity with a certain castaway (or two) *
  • You try to get all of your non-lost friends to love the show as much as you do! *
  • You succeed in doing so!
  • You don't worry about turbulence on planes, because hey! Maybe if you crash, you'll land on Lost island!
  • You DO worry about turbulence on planes, because you may have watched that crash sequence from the Pilot one too many times *
  • You name a (virtual) pet after your favorite Lostie *
  • You name a child after your favorite Lostie
  • You've learned at least one Korean word from watching the show *
  • You buy clothes because they resemble things that your favorite character has worn *
  • You have certain episodes memorized, and struggle to not recite them line by line when you watch *
  • You quote the show on every possible occasion *
  • You burst into tears when you hear Wonderwall *
  • You burst into tears when you hear Good Vibrations, and then have to explain to all the non-watchers why such a happy song makes you cry *
  • You periodically wrap your fingers in masking tape and write four letter words on them *
  • You take notice of the numbers any time they appear in your every day life *
  • You get really excited when you see a street with a Lost-related name *
  • You decide that you should probably move onto that street ASAP *
  • You cover your walls with Lost media*
  • You have photoshopped a picture of your favorite Lostie to include yourself *
  • You freak out and give yourself whiplash when you walk into a grocery store and hear the button timer beeping! *
  • You refer to the Lost set in Hawaii as your "Mecca" and are determined to make a pilgrimage to it someday *
  • You listened to the entirety of The Lost Lowdown's season three finale podcast *
  • You write Lost songs and/or poetry *
  • You re-write pre-existing songs, poems and etcetera to make them Lost related *
  • You watch other projects that the Lost actors have done, and become very confused...("Why is Charlie running around with all those people who are slightly shorter than him?" "Why is Boone making out with that guy?" "Why is Jodie Foster trying to kill Sayid?" "Jack never mentioned coaching a football team..." "Wait...was that Jin that I saw for three seconds in that cafe in Crash?!" "Why the hell is Michael half naked, dressed like a woman, and hanging out with Leo DiCaprio? No wonder Susan didn't want him to have custody...") ***
  • You saw Daniel Dae Kim in Crash, but thought you were going crazy because you were in Lost withdrawal, and fell off of your couch with excitement when you saw his name in the credits *
  • You've been at a party with friends and thought, "What am I doing here? I could be at home watching Lost right now!!" ***
  • You raise your standards to include that you will no longer date anyone who doesn't watch Lost
  • You start all of your stories with random short sentences, such as "his fingers swell," and then proceed from there
  • You NEVER go swimming unless you're shirtless, but still wearing your jeans
  • You seem to have trouble counting higher than five, but you have no problem remembering the numbers in sequence
  • You have actually played the lottery with the numbers
  • You have actually played the lottery with the numbers on multiple occasions
  • You decide that your step sibling is actually pretty cute
  • You avoid all SUVs, medians, and combinations of the two at all costs
  • You keep looking for the Oceanic terminal when you visit the airport, and are mystified when you can't seem to find it...
  • When you walk past pet stores, you get the urge to go in and paint numbers on the bunnies
  • You smuggle insane amounts of tarps, fireworks, and a suitcase containing 200 knives onto every plane you fly on, because you know its better to be safe than sorry
  • You laughed at all of these, and you're going to put some of your own in the comments!


Josh said...

You organize your entire schedual around the fact that Lost is and always will be on on Wednesdays. Wait, Lost is moving to Mondays? ah Crap!

Eve Phoenix said...

Thanks, Josh. I didn't know that. Oh, well - how about:

Your boyfriend knocks on your door two seconds after Terry O'Quinn wins his much deserved Emmy and all you can do is jump up and down, squeal and point at the TV and shout "He won! He won! See? Terry finally won! Look - he looks awesome, doesn't he?" (That really happened!)

Congested said...

* You know that everyone in life dies, but hope that you do it sometime after 2010.