Sunday, September 16, 2007

Holla for the Emmys...and this week's episode!

So the blog is back! Thanks to everyone who commented, it was much appreciated. I figured there was no better way to bring the blog back than with the most exciting Lost news in awhile...thats right. Terry O'Quinn finally won the well-deserved Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series =D But the Emmys weren't JUST about Lost for us. I really enjoyed the opening, and the bit with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert....even though I was super confused when Steve Carrell won o.o;

Okay, so it was pretty much just about Lost for us....

Josh's favorite part of the show?

Terry O'Quinn's win, OF COURSE!

Amanda's favorite part of the show?

Terry O'Quinn's shirt :

Congrats to Terry for his win, and everyone on Lost that was nominated!

Here's this week's episode, by the by - 2.05 ...And Found, and 2.06 Abandoned


Lauren said...

Terry's shirt made me really happy! He was styling! And, personally, I'm glad he's not on Wysteria Lane, baking cookies :)

Josh said...

Josh got a little teary when he thanked Michael Emerson.

Terry O'Quinn is such an awesome guy, he deserved it so much.